Candy Heart Science

We did a experiment with candy hearts and liquid.What happens when you drop a candy heart in vanilla?  First the candy heart turned brown.  Next  15 minutes later nothing happened.  Then the candy hearts melded.  After the candy  hearts changed the smell of vanilla.  Finally the vanilla evaporated.  But I am still wondering how did the candy get smaller?

I Am From Poem

I am from televisions. From wooden boxes and bathroom doors.

I am from three white painted houses in one building with brown stairs up to the roof.

I am from the feeling of love when I get home.

I am from pizza from different places and green beans.

I am from opening my Christmas PJ’s on Christmas Eve and the loudest and most fun family ever.

I am from “Let’s rock-n-roll!” and “Get this show on the road!”

I am from Is Your Mama a Llama? and Pinkalicious. From the sad day of the dead dog and pictures of him, and going on the ride with my dad at Canobie Lake Park.

I am from Boscawen, born in Lebanon.

I am from love, family, and believing in God. From singing in my bedroom and hugging my favorite toy pony, Crystal at bedtime.